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Infograph:Dow Jones Industrial Average History Chart from2001 to 2015


Dow Jones Industrial Average History  from2001 to 2015 is  composed of two bull market and one financial crisis.Dow Jones has two phases from 2001 to 1015. One is known as housing bubble and another one fed induced move or  current bull market.



Dow Jones Industrial Average History Chart 2001-2015

Housing Bubble

Housing bubble induced a bull market from 2003 to 2007. This bull market started as government initiate a policy to ease housing loan. the purpose of the policy was to make  middle class people house owner, This policy had big impact on US economy .  this policy induced bull market started at 2003  and end in 2008 with big financial crisis.

Recent Bull market

Recent bull market started as government bailed out financial institution and took extremely easy quantitative policy and Zero interest rate policy.  This bull market started its move from 2009 and  Dow jones index  has become close to  triple from low of 2009.