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Dow Jones industrial average(DJIA) stocks Returns 2016


Dow jones index’s (djia) average annaual return was 13.41 % without dividend in 2016, which is almost double the yearly return of Dow or Average stock market Return. But all the Dow components  did not perform well in 2016.


Djia Stock  Yearly Performance 2016
Djia Stock Yearly Performance 2016

Number one performing Dow  stock was Caterpillar Inc (CAT). CAT’s return was   42% in 2016. Stock made big really because Investors are expecting big infrastructure spending in USA.

New president desires to spend $I trillion for infrastructure development in USA may one of the reasons for the stock big return, since CAT is one of the major player in infrastructure sector in USA.

Second best performing stock was UNH with a hefty return 38.4% in 2016. This stock is health care stock. Investors was expecting big change Obamacare and health insurance will be beneficiary of that.

Third best performing stock was CVX, an oil giant. This stock return was 36.66% in 2016. Investors and traders think oil stock will be beneficiary of new president and oil made a rally from $30 to Mid $50. Oil rally also increased company net profit.

Fourth and Fifth best performing Dow stocks are GS and JPM in 2016. Both the stocks are financial sector stocks. As investors and traders expecting possible interest rate increase in the banking sector.

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This will help bank to make more profit in future. GS return was 34.92 % and JPM return was 34.53% in 2016.

Among the 30 stock 28 stocks return were positive and 2 Dow stocks return were negative. NIKE Inc ( NKE) was highest looser Dow stock in 2016 that had negative return.

NKE lost 17.7 % in 2016. COCA-COLA(KO)  is another  Dow stock that negative return.

Dow Jones  annual  returns depends Dow 30 components stocks. These 30 Dow components  and their yearly return are shown in the table in ascending order.

 DOW Stocks Name  Returns (%)
CAT 42.10589
UNH 38.40826
CVX 36.66142
GS 34.9231
JPM 34.53639
IBM 25.21086
MMM 21.71672
VZ 20.69951
XOM 19.8821
UTX 17.14021
WMT 16.03122
JNJ 15.32919
CSCO 15.13366
MSFT 15.07775
MRK 15.05416
DJIA 13.41502
DD 12.80314
AAPL 12.48043
BA 11.30882
TRV 10.97093
PG 9.360297
INTC 8.756389
AXP 8.582208
MCD 6.206122
GE 4.616982
PFE 4.424869
HD 3.541474
V 1.371182
DIS 0.671966
KO -0.35709
NKE -17.7006

8 Dow jones stocks return were more than 20 % in 2016. These stocks are CAT, UNH, CVX, GS, JPM, IBM, MMM, VZ.

15 DOW Jones Stocks had more than 15% return. Only 11 Dow stock return was less than 10 %. 19 Dow stock return was more than 10 % in 2016.


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