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Dow Jones industrial average(DJIA) stocks Yearly Performance : Infograph


Dow Jones industrial Average is the most  trusted index of the USA stock market. The index has 30 stock components. These stocks are also known as blue cheap stocks.  The  symbol of  stocks that are components of  DIJA are AAPL, AXP, BA,CAT, CSCO, CVX,DD,DIS,GE,GS,’HD,IBM, INTC, JNJ, JPM, KO, MMM, MCD, MRK,MSFT ,NKE, PFE , PG, TRV, UNH, UTX, V,   VZ, WMT, XOM.  This  year index  performance is close to zero. Stock return this year till now  is -1.010857%.

Among the stocks, Nike’s performance is the best(31%), second best performer is home Depo (26%). 14 DIJA components performance are  negative till deccember 4, 2015 and 16 DIJA components performance are positive. Only 9 Stocks achieved double digit growth this year.  The  worst performer stock is Wal-Mart. Stock lost almost 35 % of its value till today. Second worst performer is American Express.

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Dow jones industrial average(DJIA) stocks performance,2015

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Dow jones industrial average(DJIA) stocks performance Table,2015

Dow jones industrial average(DJIA) stocks performance,2015