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New iPhone release and apple stock Performance Year Over Year


iPhone is Apple stock  main revenue earner. iPhone  still brings 55% to 60 % yearly revenue.New  successful iPhone release has created new vibes to the apple stock.

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Recent announcement of new release of  iPhone 8 and  especially iPhone X  has created new expectation to the apple stock investors and apple fans.

Apple investors and stock traders think new announced  of iPhone X will help apple stock to reach new high and  apple stock will get the crown of first Trillion dollar market cap company of the universe.

Apple stock price history chart shows how new iPhone release Changed apple stock price over the time.

apple stock price history chart and new iPhone Release
apple stock price history chart and new iPhone Release

When we look at iPhone  release date and apple stock performance , we clearly see AAPL stock performance is highly correlated  with successful iPhone model release.

New iPhone Release and Apple stock yearly return
New iPhone Release and Apple stock yearly return
Date Year iPhone Model AAPL return(%)
June 29 2007 iPhone (1st generation) 133.47%
June 9 2008  iPhone 3G -56.91%
June 8 2009 iPhone 3GS 146.90%
June 7 2010 iPhone 4 53.07%
 October 4 2011 iPhone 4S 25.56%
September 21 2012 iPhone 5 31.40%
September 10 2013 The iPhone 5S 5.42%
September 10 2013 iPhone 5C 5.42%
September 9 2014 iPhone 6 37.72%
September 9 2015 iPhone 6S -4.64%
March 21 2016 iPhone SE 10.03%
September 7 2016 iPhone 7 10.03%

Data Source : WikiPedia and Yahoo finance

Another point to mention that apple stock  beat  the market broad market index SP 500 as high as 129 % through  successful launched of iPhone model in a year.

On the other hand,  unsuccessful release  iPhone model  apple stock return was as low as  24 %  in compare to  SP 500 index.

Apple Stock VS SP500 return
Apple Stock VS SP500 return
 Price Change(%)
Year iPhone SP 500
2007 133.47% 3.53% 129.94%
2008 -56.91% -38.49% -18.42%
2009 146.90% 23.45% 123.45%
2010 53.07% 12.78% 40.29%
2011 25.56% 0.00% 25.56%
2012 31.40% 13.41% 17.99%
2013 5.42% 29.60% -24.18%
2014 37.72% 11.39% 26.33%
2015 -4.64% -0.73% -3.91%
2016 10.03% 9.54% 0.50%

Data Source : yahoo Finance and

Though other products also play important role in  apple yearly return, Still iPhone sell  performance is key metrics for apple year over year return.

iPhone 8 & iPhone X:

Apple announced its latest iPhone 8 and Apple X in September 12, 2017.

It is expected that iPhone 10th anniversary model will start a super cycle for apple growth like iPhone 6 did.

If iPhone 8 and iPhone X follow the iPhone 6  growth pattern , it is expected that  apple would be a first trillion dollar company in 2018 and  also will  reach the $200 price target and beyond.

Iphone 7 and iPhone SE:


Apple Inc release iPhone 7 and iPhone SE model in 2016.  As we already saw these models were not  successful  to attract new customers, Apple yearly return in 2016 was also average.

AAPL stock  return was only 10.03% which is almost the same in S&p 500 2016 yearly return.  Apple average return  based on iPhone release year is 38 %.

However we see  that early release of successful iphone model makes iphone return as high as 146% yearly return.

iPhone 6S:

apple release its iphone  6S at 2015. This model was not successful like previous model.

2015 apple return was -4.46%. this is only year after 2008 market crash apple  stock return  was negative.

S&P 500  also beat the appl stock  return by 3.5 %.

Iphone 6:

Apple release its iPhone 6 at 2014 and it was one of the most successful iphone release event for iphone.

2014 apple  stock yearly return was 37.72%. Apple stock also reach its previous all time high because of this iPhone release. Some analyst says this performance for apple as “iPhone super cycle”.

2014  S&P 500 return was only 11.39%  and APPL beat the index by 26 %.

IPhone  5C and iPhone 5S:

iPhone 5C  and 5S were released in September 10 2013.  Apple return was only 5 % in 2013, whereas  SP 500 return was 31 %.

This was the highest return of SPX last 10 years.  Not only S&P 500, other broad market index return was extremely attractive.

As we see from apple performance in 2013, we know that iPhone 5C  was not a successful like other iPhone model.

For a good model release, apple beat the market almost 20% margin.

On the other hand, Apple was beaten by market almost 25%. This shows how bad was apple performance at that year and model credibility.

iPhone 5:

iPhone 5 was released in 2012. This model was pretty much successful. As we see from apple earning in 2012, apple stock rose 31% in 2012. Broad market index SPX was up 13.41% during this period.

IPhone 4S:

Iphone 4S was released in 2011. This model was also one of the successful model release for apple based Apple stock performance.

During this time, Apple stock rose more than 25%, whereas border market index S&P 500 return was almost 0%. That’s 25% more return than the average stock market performance.

iPhone 4:

This is one of  the apple block buster model. This model was released in 2010. Apple stock return was impressive 53% during this period.

S&P 500 return during this time was 12.78% and Apple beat the market index almost 40%.

IPhone 4S:

Iphone 4S was released in 2011. This model was also one of the successful model release for apple based Apple stock performance.

During this time, Apple stock rose more than 25%, whereas border market index S&P 500 return was almost 0%. That’s 25% more return than the average stock market performance.

iPhone 3GS:

iPhone 3GS was released in June 2009. This iPhone model showed best performance among all the release of iPhone model.

That year apple stock rose almost 146%. That the best return apple stock ever had after the 2008 Great recession.

In 2009, SPX return was  impressive  more than 23%. However, Apple stock beat the sp-500 by 120%.

iPhone 3G:

iPhone 3G was second model of flagship  iPhone after first model was released in 2007.

However, this model was not that successful in term of stock market performance.

Apple stock lost more than 50% market value in only one year. Broder market index SPX was also down almost 38% in a year.  Stock market never lost that much value in a single year after 1929 Great depression.

This period is also known as Great recession in the history of us stock market.

One reason apple stock was down too much because everyone was scared to hold any growth stock at that time.


IPhone 1st Generation:

iPhone 1st generation was released in 2007. This was the first model of iPhone and a breakthrough of smartphone market. Through this release,  a new era of cellular phone has begun.

This iPhone model was so successful that apple stock rose more than 133% in 2007 just before the starting of Great recession.

In 2007 stock market return was merely 3.53%. Apple Stock beat the market by 129% that year.

iPhone is one of the most commercially successful product world ever seen. Introduction of iPhone helped apple to become  largest market cap company in the world and number one candidate to be the first  Trillion Dollar market cap company in the planet.


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